YVR Skylynx is a transportation company in Vancouver with more than a decade of experience, mainly engaged in bus transportation. It operates in one of the most highly competitive markets and holds a leadership position. The company is very attentive to all metrics in marketing.
The company was promoted on Facebook and Google, and also used SEO on Google and Bing. However, they did not know exactly which of these sources were the most effective and how to scale the results from marketing further.
The main objective was to set up end-to-end analytics, understand which advertising sources are most effective, how to create the right attribution model and organise clear reporting for marketing decisions.
End-to-End Analytics
individual reporting
The client didn't have any CMS, just a self-written system. There was also integration with an external ticketing service. But due to incorrectly configured integration with Google Analytics, the data was not collected properly, and some pages on the website were not indexed.
We started to work on terms of reference that would take into account all the nuances of the settings and the problems already present on the website. Further, in the terms of reference, we wrote a data transfer using Measurement Protocol along with the Client ID and other parameters on ticket purchases (ticket price, travel direction, etc.). We also spelled out in the parameters the sources that are transmitted to Google Analytics.
Once the programmers had finished and implemented the terms of reference, we collected the amount of data we needed and chose the most appropriate attribution model for YVR Skylynx - the linear model. We have built customised reporting for the client, based on which they were able to make decisions.

Within four months, the client was able to reduce its cost per lead by 2.5 times and increase the company's revenue by 3.6 times. This was realised after implementing end-to-end analytics.
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