case "Hotel Sol de Javea"
The Hotel Sol de Javea is located in the east of Spain, in the sunny province of Alicante. It is popular among Europeans and locals for its excellent service, cuisine and beautiful scenery.
From April till the beginning of May, the hotel was occupied for about 10%, and during the season (May to September) it was 70-80% full. There was a significant decline at the beginning of April and from the end of September. Therefore, we had the task to increase the number of visitors during these periods.
The aim was to occupy the hotel at least at 60% for the periods April-May and October-November, reaching 90-95% for the hot season (May-September).
Digital Marketing Audit
Digital Marketing Strategy
PPC: Search (Google, Bing)
Google Hotel Ads
Content Marketing
Paid Social
Strategy and implementation
Since Hotel Sol de Javea had no promotion strategy at all, we have to build the entire marketing from scratch. We have started with a comprehensive audit, that uncovered the main mistakes in the company's promotion. From there, we divided our strategy into phases.
The first step was to analyse the audience that was booking rooms at the hotel more often. It turned out to be German citizens, English-speaking Europeans and Spaniards themselves who love holidaying in Alicante. On average, these are people aged 35+ who come here with families and require very high standards of comfort, fine cuisine and beautiful scenery from their windows.

Analysis of the business itself showed that the hotel took a very long time to process customer inquiries or missed them at all. There were also problems with the content and its presentation to the target audience. The hotel did not emphasise the additional services that put them apart from its competitors (e.g., electric car chargers, special parking spaces, etc.).

In addition, there was a lack of proper follow-up in customer interactions on social media such as Instagram and Facebook: the company did not publish posts or respond to comments and queries. There was no interaction with customer feedback on Google My Business and Google Maps.
Customer audience and business analysis
We have started implementing the strategy by developing the terms of reference to fix booking errors and did an integration of Mirai with Google Analytics to understand which advertising campaign was working and producing results.
We have created the content plan for the website and social media (Facebook and Instagram) with a new type of content exactly for the target audience.
We have completely redesigned how hotel receptionists communicate with potential visitors and interact with customers on social media.
We then started setting up advertising campaigns by searching for Google and Bing, and separately set up Google Hotel Ads.
At the same time, we have started setting up Facebook advertising. These were the targeted advertising to the targeted audience, as well as targeting, and catching up with users coming from Facebook and Google. In addition, we ran ads for the individual posts that received the most coverage.
Average cheque: 950 euro
hotel occupancy:
the cost of the lead: 26,86 euro
the number of leads: 579
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